Kronocard 2

Documenting collectible cards using artificial intelligence!

A world-first system that helps collectors document their cards using machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision!

Now also supporting the new eBay item specifics!
Nothing to fill, everything is automatic.

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Free & Pro

This is the finest inventory and selling manager you can have for your card collection. The free version is better suited to the occasional collector and the Pro version more so for the ambitious collector!

Everything you need
to manage your sports cards


You receive a simple yet powerful scanning module. It will automatically associate the front and the back of each card and crop them perfectly without any intervention.

AI Documentation

A revolutionary system that documents your cards using artificial intelligence. Our server will attempt to identify your cards and insert the information automatically into Kronocard!

Selling Tools

You can list your card on or on eBay using the same software! There are no listing fees on, we do however charge a small 10% commission when you successfully sell your card.


- Scanning using flatbed and auto-feeder scanners
- Sell on and on eBay*
- Manage offers
- Manage orders
- Powerful cards shipper
- Backup mechanism
- Limited to 2,500 cards

Artificial Intelligence Documentation

Pro 🏆

- Scanning using flatbed and auto-feeder scanners
- Sell on and on eBay*
- Manage offers
- Manage orders
- Powerful cards shipper
- Backup mechanism
- Unlimited cards
- Advanced card search. (Build your own searches)
- Sales report.
- Status icons in the Scan Groups window are clickable and open a group edition window.
- Edit group button in the message center.
- Status filters in the Location (Box) window.
- Extended buyer view in an Order Archive window.

Artificial Intelligence Documentation

* eBay connector 50 listings is free, to list more on eBay you need to subscribe to one of the eBay connector plans HERE

Is the Pro version worth it?

Someone with very good typing skills would be able to file around 120 cards per hour.Using our AI server, we can potentially save you days, weeks and even years! How many cards do you have? 😉

With over 10,000 users

With a client base that is growing exponentially each month, you know that you're making the right choice. Kronozio is run by passionate collectors and highly skilled computer scientists that are working hard to provide the most advanced tools for all types of collectors.

Kronozio Rookie Pack

  • 800 cards of AI documentation

  • 800 listings with our eBay connector

  • 1h of group live demo to help you start

  • All the basic features of the free version

  • All the advanced features




Kronocard Pro Lite

  • 10,000 cards per year of AI documentation

  • All the basic features of the free version

  • All the advanced features

Get 10,000 additional cards documented per $149. Please contact us.
($0.00596 per card)
Upgrading to Premium is $100 before the renewal.




Kronocard Pro Premium

  • 250,000 cards per year of AI documentation

  • All the basic features of the free version

  • All the advanced features

Get 250,000 additional cards documented per $199.
Please contact us. ($0.000796 per card)
Upgrade from Lite is $100 if upgraded before the renewal.




It will not identify 100% of your cards!*

Even if we had hundreds of engineers working on the system, there are limits on what can be achieved using AI and computer vision. We will not lie to you, some cards cannot be identified for various reasons. Cards that are mostly unique (1/1) or parallel with the exception of a slight variation in the manufacturer logo or a refractor version of a card will not be detected. If the system could recognise 100% of the cards we would have sold it for $1,000 to $2,000 per month 😉 However you can expect to have very good results with this first public version. We will continue to enhance it month after month. To receive more details on what to expect follow the link below.

* Through our limited testing, we have been able to achieve between a 75% to 98% detection rate depending on the type of cards and set design. There is no guaranty that you will be able to achieve the exact same result.

John Morrison

I have been in the market for over 20 years and have never seen anything like this before. Kronozio has done the impossible with their AI system. After testing over 8,500 cards with their system, 8,350 were the right cards!! I have saved more than 80h of my time for a ridiculously cheap yearly price. For me, it's a no-brainer.

Jeffrey Baker

With a collection of over 250k cards, there is no other possible solution other than Kronozio. I discovered them recently and can tell you that their support team is one of the best I have ever met. With a fast scanner and AI documentation, I will be able to list more than 5,000 cards per week!Thanks guys, happy customer for life.

Shawn W.

Hey Kronozio, please adjust the price of the Pro version, I feel guilty that such a huge system is working for me for around $15 per month! This is a real game-changer in the industry, with a lot more cards online I will be able to raise my income x10. Can't wait to see what's next!
Pro subscribed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so cheap for an advanced product like this?

Because our first goal since day one of Kronozio is to help the collectors. Building such a technology cost a lot of money, but we are counting on you to spread the word so that we can keep that low price.

What will happen after 12 months?

Normally if you don't unsubscribe it will auto-renew. If you cancel the subscription Kronocard will revert back to the free version. It will continue to work but you will no longer have access to all the advanced features and the AI documentation. Also, you will not be able to scan more cards. Continuing your subscription gives you the benefit of getting all the new add-ons exclusive to the Pro version in the future.

What if I don't need it anymore, can I get a refund?

If you send less than 500 cards to the documentation system and used the Pro for less than a month we would refund you 100% of the subscription. In the unlikely event that you're not satisfied with the result please contact us first and we can evaluate what's happening and guide you to get a better outcome, where possible.

What scanner is supported by Kronocard?

Most of the regular (USB) flatbed scanners on the market are compatible with Kronocard. For the fast scanner (auto-feeder) it's more complicated and the list is shorter. Here is the list of scanner supported: Supported Scanners

What if I already have more than 2,500 cards in Kronocard and I don't need the Pro yet?

For current customers that already have Kronocard and more than 2,500 cards, please contact our support by email and we will manage the situation with you.

What's are the limitations of the new free version?

There is a lot of work to support a free software and we think that the free version is a great opportunity to test if Kronocard met your needs. With that free version, you can manage up to 2,500 cards. For more than that, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version. There is a lot of advantages of using the Pro. Just the documentation using AI worth the full cost!

It will really document all my cards without me filling anything in?

Yes, you don't need to fill anything in, you just need to scan and submit your cards for documentation. It will not document 100% of your card and as mentioned earlier in this page, here is why:

What is the card type supported by the AI documentation?

To begin with, we currently support: baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, Pokémon and Magic.
We do plan to add more in the future.

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